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IDR 4.350.000


4 Days Training (4-hours/day)

13.00 - 17.00

Business writing is one of essential skills in the workplace, an absolute necessity for those who work in the business world. An excellent business-writing can save productive hours in the making, avoids unnecessary misunderstanding and crisis, and conveys powerful messages to the readers/stakeholders in the company. It will support the effectiveness and efficiency of communication processes and company’s performances.

To address the issue of business writing competencies for employees, a workshop is to be conducted. This workshop offers a fundamental understanding of business writing and some best practices that participants can learn from.

The workshop is designed to involve participants actively with many practical writing exercises done in a fun-educational environment using adult- learning principles with mini presentations, group discussions, games enrich the learning points, music and video clip, and feedbacks.


Achieving Success with Effective Business Communication (Writing)

  • Understanding the principles, rules and guidelines of business communication
  • Understanding personal writing style vs. style of writing reports on demand
  • Observing House Style (rules of the company)
  • Accountability & Legal implication of in-writing information
  • Common mistakes and failures that usually occurs in the writing
  • The do’s and don’ts of writing email, memo, minutes of meeting, report and proposal
  • The role of emotional and social quotients in writing process

Writing Techniques: Editing Stages

  • Words and its power ‒ how to use clear, concise and powerful words to convey your messages
  • Selection of words that correspond to the topic of the writing, grammar, punctuation
  • Practice how to edit a writing (email, Minutes of Meeting, memo, report, proposal, presentation)
  • Editing in Action (practical exercise)
  • Practice to perfection: applying points learned during the session into a practical exercise of writing, editing and formatting

Writing Techniques: The Writing Stages

  • Applying steps of writing process (Structure, clear & concise content, expression and context of business writing)
  • Crafting brief yet powerful messages
  • Crafting messages for electronic media
  • The use of visual media aids such as charts, diagrams, info graphic in your report
  • Applying professional business standards in the writing process
  • Writing in Action (practical exercise)

Writing Techniques: The Preparation Stages

  • Establish primary aim and objective of the writing
  • Identifying the readers’ characters, expectations and needs, behavior, and knowledge
  • Selecting and filtering the source materials for your writing, and sorting based on the principle of JIS (Justify, Importance, Simplify) the importance and the need to simplify
  • Planning the structure of the writing (MIF – Most Important First)


  • Zoom (Premium)
  • My-Leaps (Foster & Bridge Indonesia eLearning system)
  • Other supporting platforms to create more interactive discussion, quiz & game

**Some sessions will provide hands-on exercise forms in soft-copy & interactive format. The hand out will be shipped to participant’s address, should they are more comfortable having the hand out in hard-copy format.


This program is recommended for any professionals who are willing to improve their understanding of English business writing principles and be able to practice various business documents in a clear, concise manner according your objective


Our facilitating partners are one of the kind. They are actually passionate workers who are not just trainers but also practitioners with real world, tried and tested experience that matters when it counts.


Ms. Sarah / Ms. Nadya

M1. +62 813 1630 8962 (Chat us for more info)
M2. +62 812 8590 0045 (Chat us for more info)

**This program can be arranged in In-House Training & On – Demand Class, and also available for Face-to-Face format (with Covid-19 prevention protocol). Please contact our team to discuss the details of your needs. 



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VLE - BWS May 2021

IDR 4.350.000

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