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IDR 500.000

Ayurvedic Consult with Zia Kusumawardini

One hour private one-on-one session with Zia herself. Understand your own happiness-blue-print that you’ve carrying around a.k.a your own body! This session will answer your questons like what's your body type and what's the ideal diet and lifestyle for you, thus giving you clarity on your health & wellbeing.

What You’ll Get from this Consultation:

- Understanding your Ayurvedic body constitution and dosha type (imbalance tendency)

- A treatment plan that might include diet, lifestyle, and herbs that are tailored to your unique needs

- Possibly referrals to other treatments that would be best for you

Tuesday 11 June - Friday 14 June 2019
1st session 10 am - 11 am
2nd session 11.15 am - 12.15 pm

Investment Rp 500.000

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Ayurvedic Consult with Zia Kusumawardini - Tickets

IDR 500.000

Ayurvedic Consult with Zia Kusumawardini

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