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ASIA PACIFIC MILLENIAL LEADERS SUMMIT, to create a regional model that provides both open economy and social support for less developed nations, and in turn, its poorer citizen. Ideally, a youth contribution should be able to be adapted to fit different cultural environments. This way its reach will be much broader and bring change to more communities. Youth contributions are essential in today’s world. Which still suffers from many social problems such as economic crisis, war, diseases, discrimination, displacement, homelessness, poor health and nutrition and social exclusion to name only a few. In this context, youth movement are needed more and more. There will never be a limit on the number of youth movement needed in the world. Instead, there is always a place where such youth can make a monumental difference in thelives of others. Their drive to improve the world and their dedicationto see their solutions and plans come true, act as aripple effect. All you need is an idea, a creative and innovativemind, resources, flexibility, and an implementation plan. Youthmovements are imaginative critical thinkers who strive forlong-term, expansive social change. With an identified socialproblem, they look for solutions that can benefit society atlarge.

Joining ASIA PACIFIC MILLENIAL LEADERS SUMMIT 2021 focused specificallyon youth will not only provide young people with a positiveoutlet for their ideas, but it will give them a space for constructiveinteraction as well as a sense of independence, self-autonomyand competence that acts as a springboard for themto become confident, dedicated change-makers throughouttheir lives. They will form a network of friends who have similarinterests in bringing positive change to their communities. Theywill meet adults and leaders who can help them with their goals.They will learn about Global worldview, culture, entrepreneurshipand politics. Most importantly, however, they will be millennials leaders who understand that they have potential to make theworld a better place, and they will use the skills they learn at ayoung age for the rest of their lives.

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Ticket International Conference Asia Pasific Millenial Leaders Summit 2021

USD 8,00

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