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IDR 350.000

Chi Self Massage

From ancient times to the present, Taoist masters have been remarkably youthful, appearing and functioning at least twenty years younger than their actual ages. One source of their vitality has been the practice of Taoist self-massage rejuvenation: using one’s internal energy, or Chi to strengthen and rejuvenate the sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin) and the inner organs.

By practicing this routine daily, you can improve many aspects of your health, including your complexion, vision, hearing, sinuses, gums, teeth, tongue, and general stamina. Chi Self Massage rejuvenation works by clearing blockages from the meridians or energy channels of the various senses and vital organs.


What you will learn:

  1. Step by step Chi Self Massage
  2. Detoxifying organs and glands
  3. Relieving constipation


What you will benefit:

  1. Slowing aging process
  2. Feeling Rejuvenated
  3. Maximising your energy


Why you should attend this session:

It is a simple self-massage technique and if it is practiced routinely, it improves your emotional, personal and social lives.

*Chi Self Massage is only one part of the Universal Tao System of self-development which enables individuals to complete the harmonious evolution of their physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

** Lucy Djuhari is currently the only Universal Healing Tao instructor for Indonesia who was trained and certified by Master Mantak Chia.

Lucy Djuhari is a Chi Nei Tsang Specialist, Universal Healing Tao Instructor, CARE* Trained RDT Giver and Certified Thai Massage Instructor, TMC** Thailand

*Center of Arometherapy Research and Education

** Thai Massage School, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Chi Self Massage

IDR 350.000

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Chi Self Massage

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