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IDR 350.000

Participants will be able to :

-      Acquire the requisite knowledge and skills that allow them effectively teach preschool children Phonics.

-        Employ various games, activities, teaching aids to improve preschool childrens word recognition skills and their pronounciation skills.

-        Attain practical proven ideas strategies in lesson planning, delivery and evaluation.

-        Obtain suitable materials for immediate teaching use.

-        Address the typical learning challenges encountered by Asian preschool children.

-        Evaluate and monitor preschool childrens progress.


The Speaker :

Wang Li

Indonesia Tzu Chi School Kindergarten Teacher


- Experienced teaching as a language tutor at

  Shandong Experimental Middle School.

- Qualified teacher in the experimental high school

  of this city. Use multimedia and add her own

  PS design pictures during the teaching period.

- Chinese language teacher of Raffless School,

  Indonesia. During the teaching period, she led

  many different levels of students to participate

  in the national certification level chinese proficiency

  test such as YCT, HSK, etc.,

- Chinese teacher at the Tzu Chi school,

  Jakarta 2016-present.



Niang Hong (Teoh Huat)

Senior Writer and Education Ancestral Home Fujian Jinjiang


- Former headmaster, lecturer, textbook writing

  director of the Ministry of Education, etc.

- Invited to participate in many international literary

  seminars in China, Taiwan, the United States, the

  Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Brunei,

  Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc

- Published monographs at the conference, winning

  numerous awards.

- In 2007, he was awarded the title of “China

  Academic Master” and was included in the

  “Yong Zai China” Who's Who, and was awarded the

  Lifetime Achievement Gold Award by the United

  Christian Association (U.C.C), and many more.


Itinerary :

08.30 am     Registration

09.00 am     Welcoming Speech

09.20 am     Session 1-3

                   第一节     概论——认识儿童文学

                   第二节     童话和寓言的要点、异同和教 


                    第三节     赏析——古诗、儿歌和童诗

10.15 am      Tea Break

10.45 am      Session 4-5

                    第四节     朗诵——古诗、儿歌和童诗

                    第五节     写作——儿歌和童诗


01.00 pm     End of Lecture

01.15 pm     Lunch Break

02.00 pm     Session 1


03.30 pm      Tea Break

03.45 pm     Session 2


04.45 pm     Q& A Session

05.00 pm     Distribution of Certificate + Doorprize


For further information please contact : Winda Puspita 087789927477



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General Ticket

IDR 350.000

Remaining Ticket Quantity : 150

* Include : Certificate, Coffee Break, Lunch, Goodie Bag, Fun Learning with International Speaker and Chance to get Doorprize.

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