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Dive into optimum nutrition knowledge with Max Mandias and Ayurvedic rituals for holistic beauty with Zia Kusumawardini. 


The beginning of our Holistic Welbeing & Conscious Living Weekend starts with these two sharing. 

About Max Mandias (Nutritional Healing Coach & Healthy Cooking Teacher) 
After living a mundane life working a 9 to 5 job in the Amsterdam IT industry, Max realised health and happiness came from living in alignment with nature and vibrant healing foods. His passion for plant- based healing foods, led him to enter a nutrition course from eCornell University, Pure Raw Academy and ultimately pursue a career in healthy food. He learned about cooking healing food firsthand from The Head Chef of Five Elements Healing Centre ini Ubud.

Max is now a Certified Nutritional Healing Coach specializing in sustainable weight loss, improving emotional wellbeing, and managing chronic health issues. His expertise includes teaching people to make delicious healing foods that you and your family can actually enjoy!

He is most well-known as the Co-founder and Executive Chef of Burgreens.
About Zia Kusumawardini (Ayurvedic Practitioner)
Learning Ayurveda and other alternative holistic healing modalities have helped Zia to overcome her health challenges. From allergies and scoliosis to weight problem and emotional trauma, Zia has faced all sorts of personal crises. She has come to realise all of these challenges were signs of understanding more about herself and the total environment that affects her.
Zia believes that every human is born unique and gifted in their way. And that with the different body constitution that each of us has, we're meant to fulfil a role and purpose that only we could do.
Her journey also taught her that true happiness is a balance between our inner and external world. Besides taking certifications and learning various healing modalities to support her healing process, she created several platforms where she shares her knowledge and experiences to empower others to take control of their wellbeing and create a life they love.
With her former partner, Kimmana, she co-founded Holistic Nomads, where they share free weekly online classes on health and wellness.
Her other projects that are focusing on women in Indonesia are Women for Change, and Goddess Glow. Both projects are the platforms that she created to empower women to be their most confident so that they can create their dream life.
To learn more about Zia, visit:


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Evidence-based Nutrition & Ayurveda Wisdom For Women Talk

IDR 150.000

Evidence-based Nutrition & Ayurveda Wisdom For Women Talk

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