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USD 10,00 ~ USD 20,00

Full Moon Meditation 

with Jero Mangku Istri Tya


Date: Friday, 5th June at 5PM (UTC+08:00)        

Live-streamed event via Zoom


Proceeds will go to land conservation in Jero Mangku Tya's village.
Please contact us on  WhatsApp: +62 812-4689-1734


Join this special “Full Moon” meditation with Jero Istri Tya. She will chant Balinese mantra accompanied by prayer bell and Tibetan bowl while we participate with our virtual presence.


The full moon in Bahasa is called Purnama, meaning full moon but also complete, infinite and perfect. It is believed that on this day the moon God Chandra is showering his blessings and magic on the people by offering his light, reminding them of their own light inside. And as the Universal peace mantra 'Om Purnamada Purnamidam' suggests: 'from the completeness comes the completeness' as a universal principle. So by making offerings on a full moon day to the full moon, honouring the completeness of the full moon, more of this completeness is invoked in everyone's life. 


Jero Mangku Istri Tya is a female pemangku (Balinese priest). She is a rare example of a woman becoming a priest in Bali. She is from a long lineage of priests and healers and has a deep connection to the Balinese wisdom tradition.


Registration Standard

1. Each participant should already have installed the Zoom application on their own device (laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone) with a strong and stable internet connection.
2. ID meeting room access will be given one day prior to the livestream, via email.
3. We are not accepting refund in the case of your not being able to attend the class due to a problem with your internet connection.
4. Make sure that when you enter the Zoom meeting room on the day of the class, your Zoom account name/ID is the same as the name you registered as, in order to make the process of registration efficient. If you are using a different name, please let us know.
5. If the eTicket is not in your inbox, PLEASE also check your social, promotion, junk mail or spam folders

Contact Information

+6281246891734 /


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USD 10,00

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Love and Abundance

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