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Just 2 (two) months ago in August 2019, the United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation (hereinafter referred as “Singapore Mediation Convention”) was signed by 46 member States of the United Nations in Singapore. This convention becomes the first binding instrument that governs and enables the enforcement of mediated settlement agreements in cross-jurisdictions, which is similar to the practice of enforcing arbitral awards. Due to this, the substance and effectiveness of its implementation easily becomes an intriguing topic of discussion.

Therefore, in this insightful coffee talk by our expert and highly regarded speakers, Mr. Tony Budidjaja and Campbell Bridge, SC, we inivite you all to participate in this educative event to reflect upon the following points of discussion:

  1. The growth of mediation a preferred alternative dispute resolution for cross-border disputes
  2. The salient features of the Singapore Mediation Convention
  3. The benefits of signing (and ratifying) the Singapore Mediation Convention
  4. The impacts towards the existing regulatory framework on the enforcement of settlement agreements (i.e. the Supreme Court Regulation No. 1 Year 2016 regarding
  5. The comparative regulatory framework and practice of mediation in other countries (e.g. Australia)
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MedArbId Coffee Talk with Campbell Bridge, SC

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MedArbId Coffee Talk with Campbell Bridge, SC

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