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IDR 2.500.000

Negotiation; a term often used heedlessly. Many people claim to perform it, many training programs claim to teach it, many companies seek individuals with such skills. But is what we think we know all there is to it?

Negotiation in itself derives entirely from the views and actions of those involved in the negotiation process, whether arbitrators, counsel, mediators, parties, or dealers. It is therefore increasingly clear that psychological factors complicate, and in some cases radically change, every negotiated proceeding.

The value of the factor and variable that psychology plays in the negotiation table is oft under-acknowledged. What the brain already knows, yet never used, is not mapped out, identified, and put into action. The basic skills and talents of every individual is not equipped with an additional and specialized set of skills that would build upon, develop, and expand their negotiation skills.

Recognize your personal goals and tasks. Explore the curious unknown of the brain’s landscape. Identify its contours and trajectory to achieve controlled chaos. Appreciate and understand the art of negotiation – and of yourself – differently, starting with this class.

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Negotiation with Your Brain in Mind

IDR 2.500.000

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