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IDR 1.000.000

Debby Jean-Marie She is our Naturopathic Nutritional Practitioner & Healthy Cooking Teacher

Her Expertise:

* Creating personalised Naturopathic Nutrition protocols to regain optimum health by addressing the root cause of any health issues, mainly dealing with clients with Allergies, Autoimmune, Autism, Cancer, Chronic Diseases, Delayed growth, Depression and Mental Health related to Digestive System disorders

* Assisting and teaching how to cook delicious and medicinal food to support wellness and recover from health issues

* Educating parents on how to support their children healthy growth physically, mentally and cognitively

* Educating office workers, children and pretty much everyone with the knowledge about Vitamins and minerals and their effect on Human’s optimum health and performance

* Listening to your body signals: In Naturopathic Medicine, Disease reflects a body state chronically deficient in vitamins and minerals. Our body sends signals whenever there are imbalances, no matter how small. To understand your body’s needs is the key to health.

Some convenient truths that you may not know about her:

* Helped her husband to regain his optimal health back from a cancer diagnosis in 2010 through Naturopathic Medicine under observation a Naturopathic Practitioner in Harley Street, London.

* Got pregnant after unexplained infertility diagnosis and failed IVF in Thailand with the help of a strict Naturopathic detox together with her husband * Healed her son’s eczema completely in 9 months and his delayed growth in 18 months

* Loves the sea or the river to recharge.

Her dream is to have a ’Healthy House’ by the sea or lake

Contact Information

081383983052 / [email protected]


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