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IDR 375.000 ~ IDR 3.750.000

Sekolah Ibu Sehat Alami adalah Sekolah yang diperuntukkan bagi para wanita Indonesia yang ingin belajar bagaimana menjalani hidup sehat alami untuk dirinya dan keluarga.

Terdapat 10 topics yang akan dipelajari dalam setiap bulan nya.

Series of 10 workshops

1. Body clock

Understanding the Human body clock before conception, during Pregnancy and for general Family physical and mental Health.

2. Healthy Gut Investment

Understanding your Gut and the connection with Brain health

3. Gut

Getting to know our daily habits and foods that can damage our gut lining What’s the health conditions that can be caused by a damaged gut What is inflammation and how does it start Introducing pro and anti-inflammatory foods

4. Allergies and Detoxification

What are allergies and the connection with our immune system Type of allergies and the tests for them Genes that effect allergies How to treat and reduce allergic reaction Understanding the truth about detoxification system in our body

5. Common illnesses and the Naturopathic Medicine treatment

List of common illnesses and the treatment guide according to Naturopathic Medicine and other natural treatments

6. Weaning Naturally and making sure your children receive the best Nutrition for their optimum Health

7. Healthy cooking is easy, even a child can do it. Let’s have fun cooking delicious yet nutritious food

8. Pregnancy Pre-conception Lab Tests Pre-conception, pre-natal and post natal nutrition guide Preparing for a healthy Labour

9 Emotional Health & Wellness

What is emotional Health Mother’s soul Self care Children’s emotional need and wellness start from their nutrition and healthy mom and dad

10. Read label 101

A comprehensive guide to read label and shop to ensure your family getting the best from their nutrition.

  • Being a Mother is the hardest yet most rewarding job without any proper training which left most mothers vulnerable and powerless. Sekolah Ibu is created by mothers to equip other women with true practical naturopathic medicine knowledge to look after their family and their health

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IDR 375.000

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First topic - Body Clock

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IDR 3.750.000

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First Topic - Body Clock

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