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Who doesn't like chilling with some friends and interesting chats? THIS FRIDAY! Join us in our monthly Speaking Activity (it's the 11th now!), where we will watch a serie together and have a lively conversation afterwards. 

As our main purpose of this meetup is to practice English, please note these tips below: 

  • Be ready to meet new friends (or more than friends maybe? :p)
  • TALK in English as much as you can (no one will judge your English level as IT IS BANNED to do so)
  • Involve in all activities 
  • HAVE FUN! 



There are 2 types of ticket available:

1. WITHOUT Meal and Drink (FREE) - no meal and drink will be provided in advance, however you can order anything at the restaurant anytime

2. WITH Meal and Drink (IDR50k) - meal and drink will be provided in advance as per our arrangement


Payment for the meal and drink can also be done through bank transfer to:

BANK BCA Cabang Sumatra 

Account number: 8370083411


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WITH Meal and Drink

IDR 50.000

Remaining Ticket Quantity : 51

You will be provided with meal and drink as per our arrangement. We are sure that you will like it!

WITHOUT Meal and Drink


Remaining Ticket Quantity : 13

Join the speaking activity at no cost! You are going to meet new people, make friends, have fun, and the most important thing - practice English!

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