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Women Empowerment Initiative - Women's Leadership & Women Empowerment Conference 2019

Our goal The programme will focus on three themes – (i) practical strategies for personal success, (ii) transcending organisational barriers and (iii) analysing structural barriers for women leaders in Asia. Faculty will employ a range of interactive learning techniques and participants are encouraged to share their own experiences to enrich the group learning experience.

During the programme, participants will: Develop core leadership skills – such as personal brand awareness, persuasion, and strategies to avoid self-sabotage – that will enable participants to enhance their influence inside their organisations and beyond.

Engage in “unfettered conversations” with leaders and peers to gain insights on how to sustain energy, keep an open mind, stay inspired, implement change, and develop resilience to make the journey of influencing others more effective and meaningful. Understand how organisations, managers, and leaders can help or hinder talent progression. Explore policy responses to gender issues, including how to drive and affect change. Build connections with like-minded leaders from across the region and establish networks of knowledge, support and influence.

Date: Thursday, March 14th, 2019, Kantor Kementeriaan Koordinator Pembangunan Manusia & Kebudayaan (Kemenko PMK RI), Jl. Merdeka Barat 3, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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