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IDR 35.000 ~ IDR 50.000

Youth Speak Forum is an annual ACTIVATION event where inspirations and collaborations convert into actions and the best platform to unleash our potentials and activate ourselves to be more impactful as millennial. This event supports the 17th SDG which is "Partnership for the Goals"

AIESEC In Universitas Indonesia will come to Jakarta and bring up the theme “Activate Youth in Jakarta by Spreading Awareness and Encourage Them about Digital Entrepreneurship”.

Increase your entrepreneurial savvy and knowledge to build your own start-up from various backgrounds through our keynote sessions, panel discussions and workshop session.

Get yourselves ready for this and future-beneficial event and find yourself in an insightful and yet fun experience about building a start-up company!


“You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.”  -Abraham Maslow-


 Contact Person :

Organizing Committe Standard & Delivery

Dhea  :  081218288540 (line id: sesiliadhea ) 

Zahra : 085856974057 (line id: azzahraseptania )



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IDR 35.000

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IDR 50.000

Youth Speak Forum 2018 Pre Sale 2

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