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FAQ Detail

How do i manage my sales process?


The sales process in Maimilu is quite simple. Set a ticket with a fee, sell it, and withdraw your money. When you're about to create an event (assuming that it's not a free event), you can set the price of your tickets before you publish the event on our site. To know more about it, please click here.


On your dashboard, you can see how much money you've made so far and how many tickets have been sold to the customers.



In this scenario, only 1,993 tickets are left to be sold to potential customers. If you need to know about how to customize your tickets, there's a short explanation of how you can do it in this page


You can withdraw the money anytime you want. On the left side, within the Order tab, you can click on the Sales Withdrawal option.



You can export the data to an excel file as well. When you're confident that you want to withdraw the money, you can simply click on the Withdraw Sales button, and the system will show you a message. You need to check again that you have inserted the right bank details, and always make sure that the data is correct before proceeding to withdraw the money. When you click on the Confirm button, our system will then transfer the amount to your account. 



If you still encounter further difficulties, feel free to reach us at any moment. You can find our contact details in this page.