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How do i manage the newly created event?

Now that you've created your first event, you can manage your event in Maimilu with ease. There are several sections which you can browse through in your dashboard.





In the example above, there are 2,000 tickets available to be purchased by the customers. You can see how many tickets have been sold , and how much money you've earned, on the right hand side of the page. You can choose to edit your event again, by clicking on the Edit Event button on the left side.


You can customize the event' terms and conditions by clicking on the Content option on the left, and choose the Event Terms.



The page below will appear after you click the Event Terms option. You can set to send a message to the customer whenever a purchase has been completed.



You can customize the fields in your ticket form by clicking on the Checkout option, and choose Ticket Form. You have several options to choose from in the list. And in this example, we've chosen the text input field to be added to our ticket form.



The newly added field can be cusomized the way you like it. You can make it mandatory to be filled, or leave it as an additional information only. The information stored will then be used on the analytics page of your event. For instance, if you want to know the age demographics of the participants, you can insert the text field, and set the title to "age". When the customer clicks on the checkout button to proceed with his/her payment, the ticket form will show the age field as well. He/she can then fill in his/her age in the form. Maimilu will then process the data and display the information inside the Attendee Analytics' Tab on your dashboard.



 You can also set the checkout time limit (the time required for the buyer to complete his/her purchase). You can set it up to 24 hours. 



You can view the number of orders that Maimilu has processed for your event in the Order tab. Click on the Transaction option, and the list of buyers will be displayed. You can also export the data to an Excel file.



You can also view the details of all the attendees of your event. Simply click on the Attendees tab on your dashboard, and click on the Manage Attendees option. 



If you need to send promotional or other important mails to each attendee, you can also do it from your dashboard. Still within the Attendees tab, choose the Email Attendees option. 



There are some other features on your dashboard. More explanation of each can be found on the FAQ page.