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FAQ Detail

How to create my first event?

There are several sections in the Create Event page on Maimilu. Please refer to the instructions below if you find any difficulty when you're about to create your first event. 


In the General Information section, you can simply type the name and insert the dates of your event. 



Underneath, you can write more details about your event. The location of your event will have to be mentioned in this section as well.



After that, you need to specify if you require the participants to pay in order to join your event, or they can join for free. 



If you choose the paid tickets, then you can set the price alongside other details. The maximum purchase field determines the number of tickets that one customer will be able to buy in one attempt. If you set it to 20, then one buyer can only purchase 20 tickets.



If you choose to create free entries, then the price field will not be activated. But other details will still be the same. 



The bottom section contains some additional information fields about your event. You can create the relevant tags, insert a background image, and display the remaining tickets on your event' page.



 At the right hand side, you'll find two small boxes, and the top one can be used to upload the logo/poster of your event.



The bottom box is used to set the status of your event. If you choose to edit it again later, then you can save it as draft. Or if the details are sufficient, you can directly publish your event. 



We hope the information above is clear enough for you to create and publish your first event on our site. If you still have other questions or face some difficulties, please contact us here directly and our customer service team will be there to assist you.