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FAQ Detail

How to purchase ticket & booking at Maimilu.com

Please follow the steps described below or view the video;


1. Enter event ticket sale page. 

2. Scroll down to see ticket area with 'Buy' Button

3. After button 'Buy' is clicked, your ticket & booking will show up in lower checkout area.

4. Click 'Checkout' to continue your booking


5. Please fill up Buyer detail in 'Buyer Detail' form

Each form is mandatory. Please fill form 'Buyer Email' with your active email address. eTicket and payment copy will be sent to the email address

6. Please fill up Ticket holder profile in area 'Ticket Holder'. Ticket Holder is the person who will attend the event.

7. Choose your payment method.

8. Click "Continue to Payment"


9. Please follow further payment step. Below show example case using BCA Virtual Account.

10. Click 'See Account Number' and continue

11. Complete your payment or 'Please Complete Payment'. Your payment method will also be sent to Buyer Email. Please kindly check your email if needed.

12. After your payment has completed, eTicket will be sent to your email along with Whatsapp notification.


If you have any difficulties on your purchase, please contact us at [email protected]. We will contact you back in 1 x 24 hours.