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FAQ Detail

How to withdraw your event & venue sales

Your event sales is not withdrawn automatically to your bank account. We keep your sales, until you request Withdraw Sales. To withdraw your event & venue sales, you need to follow these steps : 


1. Go to your account

2. Make sure you already fill your bank account details at menu 'Setting' > 'Billing Information'

3. Go to 'My Event'

4. Choose your event and click 'Manage'

5. Click menu 'Orders' and select 'Sales Withdrawal' submenu.

6. If you have a sufficient amount of sales to be withdrawn, button 'Withdraw' will appear.

7. Click button 'Withdraw'.

8. After button 'Withdraw' successfully clicked, your sales will be transferred to your bank account in maximum 3 work days.


We will send any status change to your email and you also may view it from 'Withdraw List History' in Sales Withdrawal menu

All the best for your event!