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How Maimilu Works

How Maimilu Works

Maimilu as a platform for event goers:

  1. Data protection - Maimilu stores as well as uses customer’ data solely for the purpose of ticket purchase. The data will be protected efficiently by utilizing the SSL feature, which has been implemented in every Maimilu page.
  2. Safe & easy transaction – Maimilu guarantees maximum level of comfort when you buy a ticket in our site. For more information about the available payment methods, please visit this page.


Maimilu as a platform for event organizers:

  1. Event creation – Our system lets you create your event quickly with ease. You can determine how you want to manage your tickets (which is explained in the next point), and where you want it to take place. 
  2. Ticket management – You can create your own ticket types. You can set it for free, or with a price. 
  3. Sales management – Organizers will be able to retrieve real time sales data anytime from the system. The overall sales figures are also displayed on the dashboard.
  4. E-tickets – Tickets for each event are both automatically generated in the system with their own barcodes. CR128 and QR Code, combined with a unique tag will minimize the risk of scams.


We’re also in the process of bringing more features to help both organizers and participants solve any event-related matter. If you have any suggestion regarding what should be improved in our system, please contact us directly. If you are still unsure about how Maimilu works, please visit our FAQ page.

We look forward to see you in the next event!