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Ticket Management Services

Ticket Management Services

We help you sell your event's tickets and venue's booking. We provide a full management service to help you customize your tickets, market your event & venue, reach a bigger audience, and most importantly sell all your tickets with ease. Depending on the size of your event & venue, we will help you determine the best approach to manage your event. Our service covers the following activities:



1. Online Ticket Sales
All ticket purchases are completed online. We offer you a simplified way to customize and sell your tickets easily. Through our service, we will help you manage your tickets safely. We manage your event sales and sales withdrawal can be done as easy as clicking a button.


2. Event Digital PR
We are also able to help you connect to your targeted audience with ease. We will use various methods to promote your event, in order for you to efficiently attract more customers.


3. Event Digital Marketing
We will help you market your event effectively through the use of various methods. We can help you promote your event through Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


4. Secure Gate Entry
We will also help you manage the ticket validation process at the entrance gate of your event. Our staff will check every participant's ticket to ensure that only the original ticket is admitted to event venue. We provide various type of ticket from eTicket, Barcode Wristband, RFID Wristband and custom ticket. With MaiGuard app, we will ensure that forged tickets can't get admitted.


5. Event Reporting & Analytics
In Maimilu, you are not only selling your tickets. We will help you understand your attendees better through our reporting and analytics tools.


6. Ticket Add-Ons Options
To securely sell your tickets, you are also given the option to add some additional accessories to your tickets. This can also be used to attract more potential buyers. You can add a barcode, or you can also choose to implant an RFID tag into your ticket. Combined with the use of MaiGuard, you can ensure maximum security for your event.




Call or send us your ticket management needs via; 

Email : [email protected]

Tel : 021-2965-1174 (Simply Studio)

Ph : 0878-77996111

We will contact you in 1 x 24 Hours.


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