Lola and the Boys Reviews

Irina Ovrutsky was a model, and now, she is a momma with three children. This former model founded Lola and the Boys in 2016 after her aspiration to create high-quality, chic clothing.

Lola and the Boys Reviews
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Her company stands for her first-born daughter, Lola, and the two boys after. Additionally, this momma successfully delivers clothing for all kids with comfortable material.

This company offers many collections, which renews commonly during new seasons. For example, the collections for Halloween and Christmas are different from each other.

This founder inspires media so that you can see the brand on DailyMom, The Chic US, You and Me This Morning, etc. Also, it has many followers! 31.4K on Facebook and 123K on Instagram.

Hence, if you want to get your kids new cloth, look no further than reading this Lola and the Boys review. Without waiting any longer, let’s continue reading now!

Why Shop at Lola and the Boys?

Now, you gulp all of the brand’s introductions well. But don’t you wonder why you should purchase items from this place? Below I’ll write you the brand’s highlights.

Why Shop at Lola and the Boys?
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Lola and the Boys Highlights

  • Women-owned by a mom of three kids
  • Designed by a former model
  • Suitable designs for kids with cheerful colors
  • Chicago-based company and store
  • True to size and has many collections between seasons
  • Size suits kiddos, teens, to mommas
  • Offers bulk orders for wholesale retailers

What's on Lola and the Boys

I have told you that this apparel company has full collections from head to toe. But what items will we discuss in this article? Find them below!

What's on Lola and the Boys
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This company offers four categories to purchase, are:

Girls Shoes
Boys Accessories

But this Lola and the Boys review will stick to these two:

Let’s dig deeper into the first product review immediately, if you don’t mind!

Lola and the Boys Ruffle Cloud Gem Set Reviews

Say hi to the on-the-go Ruffle Cloud Gem Set! This clothing contains a long-sleeve crewneck and a jogger. The two have matching motives with a rainbow on the top and bottom.

Lola and the Boys Ruffle Cloud Gem Set Reviews
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Additionally, your girls will love to wear it for many occasions, whether they want to play or hang out with their friends, this set will only take minutes to put on.

The set is available in 2 to 12 sizes. It is made of pure cotton, which offers easy care. Moms can wash it gently in cold water and iron it low or cool.

Remember not to iron the decoration because the beaded rainbow may break. Avoid bleaching and dry cleaning. Instead, tumble or hang dry so that the item stays well-fitted all the time.


  • Made of cotton
  • 2 to 12 sizes
  • Easy care
  • Easy go-to outfit

So if you want to buy it, check the availability on the link below and prepare a budget of about $78.00 now!

Lola and the Boys Over The Rainbow Sneakers Reviews

Over The Rainbow Sneakers will be your girl’s dream shoes! They have a white structure and rainbow laces at the side of the shoes.┬áThe shoes are available in 23 to 37 sizes.

Lola and the Boys Over The Rainbow Sneakers Reviews
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Moreover, it features a rainbow tie that gives more cheerful vibes. So your girls can wear it comfortably whenever they want to go, whether it is their school, parks, or even mall.


  • White structured shoes
  • 23 to 37 sizes
  • Easy care
  • Easy go-to shoes
  • Cheerful vibes

It recommends one size up for a more comfortable lie. Then, let’s buy this item for only $68.00!

Lola and the Boys Pricing

As discussed previously, this company offers fancy and chic clothing for kids and adults. What about the price? Is it affordable to purchase?

The price range from this brand is $2 up to $420, Bandana Print Face Mask with the lowest and the most expensive product is Sequin Star Fur Parka Adult Sizes.

Furthermore, you may also purchase at a lower price with coupon codes and wholesale service. Merely fill in the blank form on the page, and the team will allow you to buy bulk orders. So, let’s get the offer now!

Lola and the Boys Size Guide

Does Lola and the Boys run small?

Choosing well-fitted cloth is a must, especially for your child. Luckily, this company provides a complete guide, such as size chart dresses, leather jackets, joggers, etc.

Lola and the Boys Size Guide
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Merely visit this Size Guide page to enhance the best ruler and match the number to your kids. Hence, prepare the measuring tape and begin the sizing now!

Lola and the Boys Pros and Cons

While writing this Lola and the Boys review, I tend to write thoroughly. So below, I will break down the pros and cons of the company. Here they are!

Lola and the Boys Pros

  • High-quality kid’s apparel
  • Woman-owned company
  • Fancy and chic design
  • Comfy and true to size
  • The complete collection from head to toe
  • It suits kiddos, teens, and adults
  • Seasonal arrivals
  • Affordable prices
  • 21-day return policy

Lola and the Boys Cons

  • Less information on the shipping policy

Is Lola and the Boys Worth to Buy?

Purchasing kid’s apparel may be complicated because of the design. However, don’t worry because Lola and the Boys are worth checking out.

It has high-quality materials allowing your children to wear the product comfortably. Furthermore, the design is beautiful and promotion positive vibes.

Not only are the items excellent, but also they suit all occasions. Therefore, the apparel can boost your child’s confidence and help them stay active!

Lola and the Boys Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Testimonials are important to give an impression concerning the brand. If you want to know customer satisfaction rates, read this Lola and the Boys review section!

Lola and the Boys Customer Reviews
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These are the ratings of the two abovementioned clothing:

Here is what a satisfied customer said:

This set is so cute and comfy. My daughter loves this set. I will be buying the size up for next year!

This mom is delighted because her daughter likes the set. It is comfortable and cute, making her want to buy the size up next year.

Another customer said:

My two and a half year old granddaughter loved the shoes!

This grandma is thankful for the shoes because her granddaughter likes the item so much.

Thus, Lola and The Boys perform excellently in providing pieces of clothing for all customers. As a result, customers are satisfied with the quality and love the functions for their kids.

Lola and the Boys Customer Service

Do you want to get in touch with customer service? Then, take a look at the steps below to do that.

The team will immediately reply as soon as possible. So what if you want to shop soon while sightseeing? Find the headquarter and store addresses here.

Main Office
919 N Larrabee St,
Chicago, IL 60610
Unicorn World Store
Watertower Mall – 2nd Floor
835 Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Where to Buy Lola and the Boys

Customers can purchase the items from the official clothing website or immediately at the store. Both places offer original pieces of clothing so that you cannot feel worried about getting scammed.

Furthermore, this company offers sale and promo codes frequently. Currently, there is a sale of up to 65% and 25% off sitewide to commemorate President’s Day. So, let’s buy your kid’s desired item now!


Dig deeper on Lola and the Boys

This kid’s apparel company wants to answer all of your lingering questions. So, here they are!

Does Lola and the Boys sizing run big?

No, it doesn’t. The company tends to produce true to size for all products. But if your kid’s size is in between, it recommends to size up.

Who is the owner of Lola and the Boys?

Irina Ovrutsky is the founder and owner of this company.

Where is Lola and the Boys located?

Where is Lola and the Boys from?

Its headquarter is located in Chicago, IL. Meanwhile, the store is at Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL.


Through the former model’s designs, Lola and the Boys provide the best clothing to boost confidence. Children are in love with the design because the items promote positive vibes.

Additionally, the founder renews the design seasonally. Buyers can have true-to-size items for their child for whatever the occasion is. Hence, are you interested in buying the items? Let’s buy it now before the item sells out!

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