Trina Turk Review

Trina Turk is a fashion brand that has been around since 1995. Founded by Trina and her late husband, they were inspired to create fashion with California designs and bold and bright designs with vibrant colors.

Trina Turk Review
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This brand is growing rapidly and has been recognized by many in the United States. This brand provides a variety of fashion with a multicultural Californian style and bright pops of color.

This brand has a head office, also a brand design studio in the city of Los Angeles. If you want to know more about this brand, you can visit their official website or outlet directly.

If you want to visit their social media to learn more about this brand, we will list it for you.

We will help you through this Trina Turk review to give you confidence about this brand. Everything about it will be discussed, starting with product details, goods sold, materials, and prices.

Why Trina Turk?

Now, you can find various fashion styles from well-known brands. You can freely choose the style according to your taste. Which fashion style do you want?

If you consider the quality of the product, we recommend you try Trina Turk. This brand can be an option for you. Apart from good quality, they also provide satisfying customer service. Of course, this brand has been trusted and around for a long time.

You can shop directly on their official website and get the best prices. So, you can shop from a large selection of your favorite fashion items.


  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Return guarantee
  • Great offers and discounts
  • Good reviews from buyers
  • Providing complete fashion needs

What's On Trina Turk?

This brand provides almost all fashion equipment. You can find many variants and designs of this product.

What's On Trina Turk?
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Made with quality and imported materials, this brand is guaranteed quality. Here, you can find bright designs and colors to complement your wardrobe.

There are many fashion items that you will find here. Many items for sale, such as:

You can choose fashion items according to what you need. Choose your favorite design and color, and complete your collection of bright clothes in your wardrobe. We will help you decipher this brand for you.

Trina Turk Posey Dress Review

Trina Turk Posey Dress is a simple, knee-length, bright pink dress. If you are a fan of pink, you must try this dress. Make this dress one of your favorites. A feminine yet classy style will give a chic, feminine impression.

Trina Turk Posey Dress Review
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This dress features a sheath silhouette with a unique top overlay for a split look. You can combine this dress with heeled sandals. This outfit suits all events, including wedding guest dresses, formal events, and non-formal events.

  • Dress with a round neckline
  • Sleeveless dress
  • Top overlay view with decorative hems
  • A one-piece dress separates the look
  • Length: 37″
  • Size chart: 0-16
  • The dress material is made of 100% polyester fabric
  • Dry wash only
  • Imported dress

This dress is priced at $328.00. You can buy it now by visiting their official website. Get a discount code and the best price for this dress.

9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10
8.0 8/10
7.0 7/10

Trina Turk Fun Floral Jersey Short Sleeve Classic Cropped PJ Set Review

Trina Turk Fun Floral Jersey Short Sleeve Classic Cropped PJ Set is a pajama set that has a brightly colored design with a floral look.

Trina Turk Fun Floral Jersey Short Sleeve Classic Cropped PJ Set Review
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For those of you who like to wear pajamas, especially while sleeping or relaxing at home, these pajamas are a must-have.

This super-soft cotton jersey is organically grown for a luxurious look. With a buttoned top design and cropped PJ pants that are comfortable to wear. Adorned with the brand’s signature print, it’s perfect for bedtime and relaxing.

  • Shirt
    • Pajamas with a notch collar
    • The shirt has contrast knit piping around the collar
    • Shirt with short sleeves
    • Has banded sleeve cuffs
    • Shirt with four buttons
    • There is a front patch pocket
    • Length: 26″; Sleeve length: 7.5″
    • Size chart: XS to XL
  • Pants
    • Pants have side pockets
    • Elastic trouser waistband
    • Ribbon hems and contrast crochet piping
    • Cropped pants
    • Pants inseam: 25″
  • Set
    • There are two sets of tops and shorts
    • Pajama material: 93% organic cotton jersey, 7% elastane
    • Cold machine wash
    • Eco-friendly materials

These floral pajamas are priced at $108.00. You can immediately check on their official website to find the best choice. Get discount codes and the best prices. Complete your pajama collection.

10.0 10/10
7.0 7/10
10.0 10/10
7.0 7/10

Trina Turk Rhyme Top Review

Trina Turk Rhyme Top is a top built in a lightweight georgette design. It has a long-sleeve design with a colorful butterfly motif and features an A-line silhouette with a high neckline.

Trina Turk Rhyme Top Review
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You can combine this colorful butterfly print long-sleeved top with pants or a jeans skirt for a casual chic look. In addition, you can also combine footwear with heeled sandals for the right ensemble.

  • Banded top with gathered neckline
  • 3/4 length overlay sleeves design
  • Layered body clothing styles
  • Loose fitting design
  • Fabric material: 100% recycled polyester
  • Size chart: XS to XXL

This top is priced at $278.00.Visit their official website and get the best prices with attractive promos. You can also enjoy free shipping services for the US area.

7.0 7/10
8.0 8/10
9.0 9/10
7.0 7/10

Trina Turk Pricing

This brand is a fashion brand that can be trusted and is well-known to many people. By providing various types of fashion items, they have varying prices.

As stated on their official website, this brand is priced starting from $40.00 to $700.00. Depending on the category of goods and product materials.

Take it easy. On their official website, there are discounts, promos, and free shipping offers. Choose the price that suits your money.

Trina Turk Pros and Cons

After discussing this brand, we summed up some of the pros and cons that we found with it. We will summarize and review it for you.

Trina Turk Pros

  • All fashion items are provided by this brand
  • There are many bright and attractive color variations
  • It has a unique design with a distinctive Californian multicultural style
  • This brand has been around since 1995
  • Having a head office and design studio in Los Angeles makes this brand even more trusted
  • Services that satisfy customers
  • Good reviews from buyers
  • Have eco-friendly clothing materials
  • Free shipping is available
  • Guaranteed return of goods if not suitable

Trina Turk Cons

  • Relatively high price
  • Clothing designs tend to be the same
  • Only serves United States purchases only

Is Trina Turk Worth It?

Considering the relatively high price and unique design, this product is of good quality. So, we believe that this brand is worth buying.

You can ask their customer service directly if you want to ask about this product. This brand is definitely worth trying in terms of design, materials, colors, and quality.

Trina Turk Customer Service

If you want to inquire and want to know more about this product, you can contact their customer service. Contact them during business hours.

You can get an immediate response from their side.

Where To Buy Trina Turk

You can buy it directly from their official website. Starting from social media to the official website.

We highly recommend that you buy directly from the website. In addition to getting discounts, you also get the best prices.

If you want to buy it directly, you can visit some of their outlets in several areas in the United States. You can immediately check the outlet where you live.

Who is Trina Turk?

Trina Turk is a fashion brand founded in 1995 by a woman named Trina and her late husband, Jonathan Skow, a photographer. Trina has a hobby of shopping for antiques and is a collector.

From here, Trina was inspired to establish a fashion brand with a unique California style. Now, this brand has grown rapidly.

Where is Trina Turk manufactured?

The brand was founded and based in Alhambra, Los Angeles and is headquartered there. Their offices are only in the United States. The office is also the design venue for the brand.


From the conclusion of the discussion above, this brand can be said to be very interesting and worth a try. With a price comparable to the quality, you can buy it to complement your fashion needs.

Enjoy stylish cool with a multicultural California-style design and bright colors, and make your day more stylish with Trina Turk.

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