The Good Tee Review

The Good Tee is a fashion brand that focuses on producing stylish outfits. The items are suitable for all ages, whether you are male, female, or even children.

The Good Tee Review
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The products you can choose from are also various: sweaters, dresses, long sleeves, short sleeves, and many more. Besides offering clothes, this fashion brand also produces a variety of accessories. You can get scrunchies, books, eyemasks, scarves, and others.

Moreover, this brand is popular on Instagram, with 4k+ followers. There, you will find some other information, such as the latest products, tips, tricks, and other important things.

Take it easy, The Good Tee review here will explain more about the quality of their products, commitment, vision, and mission, which ensures that this fashion brand and its products are perfect for you.

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Why The Good Tee?

So, why The Good Tea? Wearing The Good Tee collections gives a lot of benefits not only for you but also for all parties behind the production process.

The product is fit your body and keeps it comfortable even if you have to wear it all day long. The design is perfect for millennials and active individuals. This brand launches a variety of products regularly, which means you get more fashion options to pick from.

Buying The Good Tee products also mean that you help cotton farmers in India get a better life, the employees, and all parties involved in the production and distribution process.

The Good Tee Highlights

  • Free shipping when purchasing over $100
  • Discount code for specific products
  • Products in a variety of colors
  • Live support in case you want to ask something

What's On the Good Tee?

The Good Tee comes with a lot of fashion products for men, women, and kids. Women who need new clothes can find specific items, such as long sleeves, short sleeves, sweaters, dresses, tanks, and bottoms. Men can also find their fashion needs here, including long and short sleeves, sweaters, and tanks.

What’s more, buying fashion items for your kids will also be so easy. You can visit the official website and pick the best tee, facemask, or t-shirt for your beloved boys and daughters.

Some products are made of organic materials, so it is safe for the environment. The special products you can pick at the online store include:

In this The Good Tee Review, we show you an in-depth review of the product you might love wearing. Thus, without further ado, can we start diving into the review?

The Good Tee The Fair Hoodie Review

The Fair Hoodie is made of organic cotton. The Good Tee designs this product in a regular fit model. It means that this hoodie is unisex. Women or men who love to wear a pullover while exercising should wear this item.

The Good Tee The Fair Hoodie Review
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This product looks more stylish and functional with several features, such as the kangaroo pocket and scuba neck design. The manufacturer chooses to use high-quality and soft fabric. It is thick and warm enough, especially if wearing it in winter or cold weather.

It has two color options: black looks classic but elegant to wear, and the sandstorm color is brighter and fresher. This hoodie is available in six sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. You are ready to do exercise when mixing this hoodie with jogger pants or leggings.

Grab this hoodie fast for only $73.30.

The Good Tee The Go-To Cozy Pullover Review

As an active woman, you should wear the Go-To Cozy Pullover. Just like other items in the catalog, this product is also straightforward. Doing any movement is pleasant when wearing this pullover. You can also mix it with jogger pants and leggings.

The Good Tee The Go-To Cozy Pullover Review
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That’s it! You are ready to walk or run around the park. This product has two different colors to pick from, black and sandstorm. Unfortunately, it is only available in S size, but you can still wear it for the sake of your comfort.

The Good Tee offers this pullover at only $66.62.

The Good Tee The Everyday Jogger Review

Running and walking will be more comfortable with the Everyday Jogger. The Good Tee seems to understand how to design a perfect jogger.

The Good Tee The Everyday Jogger Review
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For instance, this company selected brushed fleece as the main material. This material is so soft and thick enough. Best of all, it is easy to follow the shape and length of your leg.

The waistband is elastic enough to follow the shape of your waist. There are also pockets on the left and right side of the jogger. It is good in case you have to bring a wallet, mobile phone, or other small items.

You can choose the black or sandstorm one in S, M, L, and XL sizes. Pair it with the hoodie, and you have a perfect outfit for exercise. Get this product at only $65.84.

The Good Tee The Relaxed Fit Eco-Batwing Tee Review

The Eco-Batwing Tee is comfortable enough to wear on casual occasions. Just like its name, this product is made of organic cotton and dyes. The ¾ sleeves with longer rib cuffs keep you easy to move.

The Good Tee The Relaxed Fit Eco-Batwing Tee Review
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This product offers 6 different hues, including terracotta, charcoal, and black. The size of this product also varies from XS to XL. This $47.00 tee is one of the best-selling products in the store.

The Good Tee Size Guide

Follow this guide to get the right size of the product you are about to buy.

  1. Use tape and hold it on the floor
  2. Measure the waist from the smallest part of it. Ensure that the tape touches the skin
  3. Stand up straight and then measure the fullest part of your hips to get your hip size and inseam

Basically, the brand provides you with a size chart on each product page. Below are the steps:

  1. Click the product you want to purchase.
  2. Click the “What’s My Size?” option. You will see a chart. Check your measurement and match it with the chart. For example, pick the S size when your waist is 29, hip is 38, and inseam is 30.

The Good Tee Pricing

The wholesale price of The Good Tee products varies. It depends on the item you choose. The price starts from $31.44 to $73.30.

It is reasonable because of the high-quality materials they use to produce premium-quality items. Plus, purchasing the items mean helping others.

The Good Tee Pros and Cons

In this section, we provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of the brand that you must know before buying the products.

The Good Tee Pros

  • The manufacturer produces some products with organic materials.
  • Buying a product means giving a chance for Indian farmers to live better.
  • The materials are thick.
  • It has a lot of color variations

The Good Tee Cons

  • Some products are only available in one color.

Is The Good Tee Worth It?

Yes, The Good Tee products are worth it to buy. The items are suitable for those looking for clean and fresh outfits made of standardized materials.

There is nothing to worry about when wearing this product because it is also environmentally friendly. The owner tries to pass all the tests and regulations to ensure that the products are worth buying and wearing.

The Good Tee Customer Reviews

To complete this The Good Tee review, we show you the customer review about the product he buys. We find the review from its official site that some customers think The Good Tee products are comfortable to wear.

The Good Tee Customer Reviews
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Most of them love unique designs that are stylish and functional. One of the customers who bought the hoodie below explains that he is so satisfied with the product.

I love the hoodie. The S and M sizes are similar in my body. I also love the neck covering. It warm my neck in cold weather. This hoodie is suitable for all occasions.

Another customer commented about the jogger pant this brand offers, he is happy with how comfy the jogger is.

My wife says these are the most comfortable pants she owns, and she has a lot of pants.

Visit the official website to find out more reviews from verified customers. It ensures that you are choosing the right fashion brand.

The Good Tee Customer Service

In case you want to contact customer service to get more information, you can use the contact below.

Ensure to contact customer service during working hours from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. They will respond to your questions within 24 hours on business days.

Where To Buy The Good Tee

The easiest way to buy The Good Tee products is by visiting the official website. It also guarantees that you will get the original products.

The brand often also offers interesting deals, which they will post on the official website. Alternatively, you can find information about the product you want to buy on Google. Carefully check the detail of the product before purchasing it.


We show you some of the frequently asked questions about The Good Tee products. Hope it helps answer your curiosity.

Who is The Founder of the Good Tee?

The founder of Good Tee is Adila Cokar. Besides developing this fashion brand, she wrote a book entitled the Source My Garment Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing Consultant.

Where is The Good Tee Headquarters?

The headquarter of this company is in India. The company processes the product, including gathering raw materials, knitting, dying, and washing there. Yet, the team creates the designs in Canada.


According to The Good Tee review above, the products are recommended to buy and wear. You are making yourself stylish and saving others and the environment. There are many options you can pick from that will help you easily mix and match your daily outfits.

So, take your time to explore the official website. Contact customer service if it is necessary. Put your favorite items in the shopping cart and feel the comfort while wearing The Good Tee products.

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