Threads 4 Thought Review

Eric Fleet founded Threads 4 Thought in 2006 with a Sustainable, Ethical, and Impactful mission. He is interested in sustainability and tends to be more ethical in creating this clothing brand.

Threads 4 Thought Review
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This co-founder searches for sustainable raw materials and coordinates with ethical factories. As a result, he and the team can hold onto sustainable standards in the clothing industry.

The company offers activewear that any age can wear. In addition, they contain shorts, tops, leggings, and many more. Due to this excellent reputation, you can see it on Forbes, Women’s Health, PureWow, Men’s Journal, etc.

It has many loyal customers, with more than 54K followers on Facebook and 23.4K on Instagram. So if you want to know more, stay tuned to the end of this Threads 4 Thought review. For now, let’s move immediately to the next chapter!

Why Shop at Threads 4 Thought?

You know that there are much sustainable clothing brands on the market. But why should you purchase products from this company?

Why Shop at Threads 4 Thought?
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I won’t talk much but list the highlights you must know from this company. Here they are.

Threads 4 Thought Highlights

  • Made of 100% eco-friendly raw fabrics and materials
  • The main factory recycles 80% of industrial water waste
  • The products are CO2 neutral
  • Use FSC-certified paper made of recycled content
  • Use sustainable WAVE Bags for packaging
  • Promotes positive impact to all customers

What's On Threads 4 Thought

This section will discuss the products that the brand offers for all customers. You must be curious because you need to know the clothing before buying.

What's On Threads 4 Thought
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Here are four categories to sell:

However, this Threads 4 Thought review will elaborate on the best-selling below.

Without stopping the reading, let’s begin the exploration of the first item!

Threads 4 Thought Monica Legging Reviews

Give the spotlight to Monica Legging, a perfect pair you can wear anywhere, starting from the gym routine, yoga, or lounging at your comfy home. Moreover, customers can purchase it between XS to XXL sizes.

Threads 4 Thought Monica Legging Reviews
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This legging is available in ten shades, from the bright Heather Nomad to the dark Jet Black. It features functional pockets, a high-rise structure, and an above-the-ankle silhouette.

This versatile legging is made of recycled polyester and spandex combination. Furthermore, it promotes easy cleaning, allowing you to tumble it dry or wash it cold in the machine.


  • Made of polyester and spandex
  • Features pockets
  • Available in ten shades
  • From XS to XXL
  • Versatile and easy to clean

Thus, prepare a budget of $58.00 to purchase the item now!

Threads 4 Thought Triblend Zip Hoodie Reviews

Triblend Zip Hoodie is this clothing company’s most popular item in the Men’s category. It features a pocket and is available in S to XXL sizes and ten different shades.

Threads 4 Thought Triblend Zip Hoodie Reviews
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Thanks to the recycled polyester, organic cotton, and rayon fabric combinations, the thing is incredibly lightweight! Furthermore, the hoodie’s color is perfect for running or going to the gym.

It is light and has perfect mechanical stretch, allowing you to wear it for adventure. Also, remember to tumble it dry or wash it cold in the machine to keep it durable and long-lasting.


  • Made of polyester, cotton, and rayon
  • Features pockets
  • Available in ten shades
  • From S to XXL
  • Versatile and easy to clean

Let’s check the availability on the link below and purchase this hoodie for only $68.00 now!

Threads 4 Thought Lina Ruched Jogger Reviews

The final product is a perfect choice for an active daughter. Lina Ruched Jogger is available in Black, Raw Denim, and Heather Gray. It features a tie closure and pockets for easy storage.

Threads 4 Thought Lina Ruched Jogger Reviews
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Furthermore, you can choose the fittest size from 2T to 14. It is true to size, so you don’t need to worry about the joggers on your daughter’s body.

The brand also considers making it soft due to the feather fleece. It is soft, and the combination of spandex and Lenzing modal allows your daughter to stay active and cute!

If you want it to stretch well, tumble it dry or wash cold the item in the machine. Don’t do another washing method except the two unless you want it to be rough.


  • Made of fleece, Lenzing modal, and spandex
  • Features pockets and tie closure
  • Available in three shades
  • From 2T to 14
  • Durable and easy to clean

Now, ask your daughter if she likes the jogger and start shopping for it for only $35.00!

Threads 4 Thought Pricing

As I told you before, the company tends to reduce clothing waste on the earth sustainably. Due to this reason, you may be worried about the price.

The lowest you can purchase is the Boys Short Sleeve Camo Henley, which costs $18.00. Conversely, you must budget as much as $160.00 to buy Veja Men’s Venturi Ripstop Sneaker.

I recommend joining the brand’s Reward Program by signing up for an account to earn points. For now, you can pay $60 only to buy 2 Women’s Invincible Tees or $60 for 3 Men’s Triblend Tees. Don’t forget to apply the available promo code for a lower price!

Threads 4 Thought Size Guide

Each clothing brand has a different size guide. So take a closer look at the table below to find your fit!

Women’s Size Guide

Bust 29-31″ 31-33″ 33-35″ 35-37″ 37-39″ 40-42″ 44-44″ 39-41″ 45-47″
Waist 21-23″ 23-25″ 25-27″ 27-29″ 29-31″ 31-33″ 33-35″ 39-41″ 41-45″
Hip 31-33″ 33-35″ 35-37″ 37-39″ 39-41″ 41-43″ 43-45″ 50-52″ 53-55″

Maternity Size Guide

Bust 30-32″ 32-34″ 34-36″ 36-38″ 38-40″ 41-43″ 43-45″
Hip (Under bump) 32-34″ 34-36″ 36-38″ 38-40″ 40-42″ 43-45″ 45-47″

Men’s Size Guide

Chest 36″-37″ 38″-40″ 41″-44″ 45″-47″ 48″-51″ 52″-56″
Waist 29″-31″ 31″-33″ 34″-36″ 38″-40″ 42″-44″ 45″-48″

Little Kids Size Guide

2T 3T 4 5 6
Height 33 1/2-35 1/2″ 36-38″ 38 1/2-41 1/2″ 42-44 1/2″ 45-46 1/2″
Weight 28-30 lbs 30-33 lbs 34-39 lbs 39-44 lbs 44-48 lbs
Chest 21″ 22″ 23″ 24″ 25″
Waist 20 1/2″ 21″ 21 1/2″ 22″ 22 1/2″
Hip 21 1/2″ 22.5″ 23 1/2″ 24 1/2″ 25 1/2″

Big Kids Size Guide

7 8 10 12 14 16 18
Height 49-50 1/2″ 51-52 1/2″ 53-55″ 55 1/2-58″ 58 1/2-61″ 61 1/2-62 1/2″ 63″-65″
Chest 26″ 27″ 28 1/2″ 30″ 31 1/2″ 33″ 34 1/2″
Waist 23″ 23 1/2″ 24″ 26″ 27 1/2″ 29″ 30 1/2″
Hip 27″ 28 1/2″ 30″ 31 1/2″ 33″ 34 1/2″ 35 1/2″

Hence, ensure you choose the suitable size for the most comfortable activewear!

Threads 4 Thought Pros and Cons

I won’t let you burn your curiosity regarding the brand’s pros and cons. So, this Threads 4 Thought review will provide you with one. Here they are.

Threads 4 Thought Pros

  • Activewear for all gender and ages
  • Suitable for pregnancy
  • Sustainable company and ethical manufacturer
  • Affordable prices
  • Comfortable and well-fitted
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Ships internationally
  • Complimentary US shipping on orders of $100.00+
  • 30-day return policy
  • Offers Reward Program

Threads 4 Thought Cons

  • No free shipping for international orders

Is Threads 4 Thought Worth It?

Purchasing clothes for all your family members will be complicated if you need two or more companies. However, you can buy items simultaneously thanks to this worth-it Threads 4 Thought.

It offers many products which you can wear lightly and stay active. They are good, and the brand promotes ethics and sustainability. Hence, you can reduce the waste on earth by spending affordable budgets on this clothing company.

Is Threads 4 Thought Legit?

Regarding legitimacy, many people even search for this brand on Reddit. But, no need to do that anymore because Threads 4 Thought is legit, period.

It has a secure SSL certificate and does not take any personal information from the customers. Also, you can read the information concerning the founder, shipping, return, and profile company.

If you need any assistance, you can contact the written call center by phone number to email address. Thus, you don’t need to scare of getting scammed because you’ll receive the original item when buying from the official website.

Threads 4 Thought Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Are you ready to explore customer testimonials? This Threads 4 Thought section will allow you to see the rating and see the reaction from every customer.

Threads 4 Thought Customer Reviews
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Here are ratings of the three abovementioned activewear:

This utterance comes from a satisfied buyer:

These leggings are perfect! They’ve necessary pockets for your phone, fit wonderfully, and so comfy you can just wear them around the house! I liked them and I got three colors!

This customer is pleased to find versatile leggings to wear. Moreover, the pockets are functional, and the item fits her leg! She even gets three colours in a row!

Another one said:

Great hoodie, I love the zipper. The material is comfy and the right weight. Find myself wanting to wear these (I own 3 now) over my sweatshirts. …

This customer finds the zip hoodie comfortable and light. He has three now and claims that the purchase is perfect.

Lastly, a buyer said:

My 11 years old daughter loves these pants and she has multiple pairs!

This mother is happy because the jogger she bought is well-fitted for her daughter. Furthermore, she even gets her multiple pairs for a change!

Therefore, I can conclude that this company serves all customers well. Many of them love the quality, especially the comfy and lightweight clothing.

How to Contact Threads 4 Thought

Do you want to ask some questions regarding the clothing or wholesale? Then, read the following steps to get in touch with the team.

You may also fill in the Contact Us form on the official page. Remember that the team will answer for at least 24 hours. So please be patient, or else you will get more delay in the response.

Where to Buy Threads 4 Thought

Customers may purchase pajamas, t-shirts, or maternity leggings from this sustainable brand through the official website and Amazon. Please avoid buying from these places to save yourself from fake items.

Furthermore, do not forget to subscribe to the official website because you’ll receive a 15% discount code for your first-time purchase. So let’s click the link below and get the deals now!


Dig deeper on Threads 4 Thought

As a customer, you may have more wonder regarding the brand. So, continue the reading to find answers to your questions.

Who owns Threads 4 Thought?

Eric Fleet is the co-founder of this apparel company.

Where is Threads 4 Thought headquarters?

This company has a headquarter located in Los Angeles, USA.

How do you returns on Threads 4 Thought?

Customers can return the item within 30 days of receiving the order. To return, please contact customer service at or 855-848-9060. Afterward, the team will guide you to return and receive a refund.


A sustainable and ethical brand is what we should look for. Fortunately, you can purchase products from Threads 4 Thought because it offers clothing for all your family members.

Not to mention that they are lightweight and made of high-quality materials. So, let’s choose the product and buy it right away. Then, get ready and stay active to look after your health!

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